Playing movies saved on QNAP NAS thru' Mac Front Row

Ever thought of playing the movies saved on your QNAP NAS with Apple Remote and Front Row? Follow the tips below:

1. Mount the share folder of the NAS (e.g. Qmedia) to Mac by SMB or AFP.

2. Create a share folder (e.g. My Download Movie Trailers) on Qmedia.

3. Right click the folder (My Download Movie Trailers) and select ‘Make Alias’.

4. Run Finder. Locate the folder in Macintosh HD -> Users -> YourMacLoginName -> Movies. Drag and drop the alias you’ve created in Step 3 to this folder.

That’s it! Now you can pick up your Apple Remote and play the videos saved on the QNAP NAS through Front Row.


Sam said...

it works like a dream! Thanks for sharing.