Benchmarking Logitech SqueezeCenter

As we know there's no particular way to test how efficient SqueezeCenter can perform on a NAS box but here are some stats from 2 happy QNAP users I'd like to share.

User 1 - Hi-Jack from MPCClub (ref.)
Library Statistics
Total Tracks: 1,013
Total Albums: 81
Total Artists: 106
Total Genres: 17

Total Time: 00:00:58

User 2 - from Stockholm, Sweden (ref.)
Library Statistics
Total Tracks: 17,230
Total Albums: 1263
Total Artists: 2594
Total Genres: 94

Total Time: 00:24:57

The TS-509 Pro awarded the 'Editor's Choice' from MPC Club Europe

Here's a great review from MPC Club Europe on our TS-509 Pro Turbo NAS. It is the first NAS awarded the 'Editor's Choice' from them this year. The author notes 'the TS-509 Pro earned to be called the best NAS server out there at this moment and the most featured in combination with the easiest one to setup...'
QNAP would like to thank MPC Club, esp. Hi-Jack for reviewing the NAS. Click here to read the review and here for more details about the TS-509 Pro.

QNAP@Intel Developer Forum

QNAP's just attended the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) on August 19-21, 2008, San Francisco, California. It is a forum where technologists exhibit and discuss Intel products and the products based on Intel solutions. Our recently launched 5-bay TS-509 Pro Turbo NAS, powered by Intel Celeron CPU with 1GB DDRII memory, was shown in the IDF. You can visit our official website for more details about the TS-509 Pro.

Qnap TS-509 Pro @ IIC Taiwan 2008

QNAP's TS-509 Pro Turbo NAS is exhibited in Intel's booth at IIC Taiwan 2008. Announced in Aug 2008, the TS-509 Pro is a high performance Linux-based NAS designed for SMB and enterprise users. To find out more about the spec and features of the NAS, you may visit our website.

IIC Taiwan Conference & Exhibition 2008
September 9-11, 2008 9:30am - 5:00pm daily
Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 2 Taipei, Taiwan Intel's booth: #2D09, 1F