QNAP NVR-1012 reviewed by Exame Informatica (Portugal)

Exame Informatica (Portugal) has published a review on our NVR-1012. The article mentions that "The big advantage about QNAP NVR-1012 is its ability to control up to 4 cameras supporting many models of different brands. The system enables schedule, motion detection and sensor triggering recording, whose alerts can be sent via email. Besides, it is a compact device that supporst one SATA Disk to storage the recordings. All in all, it facilitates the installation of the current IP surveillance cameras."

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QNAP Released New Firmware 2.7.0 for NVR-101/ 1012

New Experience for NVR-101/ 1012
On-server Camera Search, Megapixel Recording, New IP Cameras Support Now Available!

By upgrading the firmware to version 2.7.0 or later, QNAP NVR-101/ NVR-1012 users can now experience these new functions on the NVR, such as on-server camera search and new cameras support etc.

The on-server camera search function is supported on the web-based configuration interface. During the 6-step installation of the NVR, the users can use this function to search and add the IP settings of the network cameras in one click which makes the camera setup on the NVR more convenient. Moreover, a number of new Axis, LevelOne, and Vivotek cameras are now compatible with QNAP NVR series by upgrading the new firmware. The megapixel function of IP cameras is also supported for higher resolution monitoring and enhanced surveillance.

“Two important trends of the security industry today are the proliferation of megapixel cameras and the widespread adoption of surveillance storage for network cameras,” said Andrew Yu, product manager from QNAP. “We hope that by offering the new firmware upgrade, our users can enjoy more features and functionalities with the NVR-101/ 1012 and have more options when selecting the IP cameras to set up their network surveillance system.”

For more information of the NVR new firmware 2.7.0, please visit the QNAP’s Download Center http://www.qnap.com/download.asp. For more information about the compatible IP cameras supported by QNAP NVR series, please visit http://www.qnap.com/NVR/CompatibilityNVR.html.

QNAP NVR-1012 got a review from Svethardware (Czech)

Svethardware (Czech) has published a review on our NVR-1012. The article mentions that "Home surveillance system QNAP NVR-1012 is surely an interesting device which has its qualities. QNAP NVR-101 is able to run up to 4 IP cameras, manage their functions including movement detection system and it also has a neat video viewer. Therefore, it is able to replace an application software and we do not have to run our PC 24/7. The advantage of this solution lies in low power consumption, low noise and I cannot forget about the NAS part."

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What makes QNAP NVR a unique and ideal solution for your business?

Comparing with traditional PC-based solution, QNAP NVR offers more benefits.
  1. Stability
    QNAP NVR is a Linux-embedded system which is more secure and stable and less liable to PC crash.
  2. Setup cost
    QNAP NVR can be set up by simply connecting it to the network. There is no need to install extra software or perimeter devices as PC does.
  3. Ease of setup
    QNAP NVR provides quick setup for users to complete installation in 6 simple steps. Even novices can finish the installation easily.
  4. Ease of operation
    The intuitive and user-friendly administration interface is highly suitable for the users to install and manage the system.
  5. Noise level
    The low-noise fan design of QNAP NVR allows long-term and quiet operation at home or in office.
  6. Power consumption
    The normal power consumption of the QNAP NVR in operation is much less than the power consumption of PC.
  7. Auto power on when power resumes after power loss
    QNAP NVR supports intelligent power-on policy. When enabled, the system is turned on automatically when the power resumes after power outage.
  8. Virus attack and Trojan threats
    QNAP NVR is less liable to virus attack and Trojan threats.

Totally speaking, QNAP NVR supports centralized management of the IP cameras to minimize system setup and maintenance cost. It is an ideal end-to-end network surveillance system, offering simpler, more convenient and stable system with high quality video recording.